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PIA or "Private Internet Access"

PIA or "Private Internet Access"

Postby FreqEnVibe » Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:58 pm

I have PIA or "Private Internet Access" installed on my computer (this is a VPN product).
It is being blocked by "Windows 8 Firewall Control" Can someone tell me how to configure Windows 8 Firewall Control so that it will allow PIA to function? Just "enabling" the program when it appears in my Windows 8 Firewall Control box is not working. By the way, I am running Windows 7 on my machine. Many THANKS!!!
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Re: PIA or "Private Internet Access"

Postby VistaFirewallControl » Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:55 am

We would need more information to make a strict suggestion.
So you are using the Plus edition? Not a free one?
VPNs implementation are different and we have no experience with the PIA at the moment.
Typically similar problems can be solved via monitoring the blocked events balloon and blocked.log (of the firewall installation folder) for blocked events.
When W8FC blocks an application, it generates the blocked event. The event text is typically very descriptive, so reading attentively the related events you can realize what permissions are required but not provided by the current settings and add the permissions accordingly.

So we would need more details regarding what exactly “not working” means (can’t connect, can’t perform a specific operation or so) and the actual blocking information.

How VPN works typically. Installed VPN client (we believe you did not install VPN server) creates a new virtual network adapter that is virtually connected to the remote LAN. So accessing the adapter from your computer you actually operate with the remote network.
There could be 2 main problems from the firewall point. The VPN related services (programs) are blocked to connect to the remote network and a third party program can’t connect to the new virtual adapter. The latter can happen if the IP range of the remote network is unique and beyond W8FC expectations. Could you also inform us regarding IP address/range of the remote network as it’s assigned to the virtual network adapter.
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