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"Setup uninstall" is blocked

"Setup uninstall" is blocked

Postby Vanillekeks » Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:26 am

Dear all,
after a system crash I had to purchase a new version of W10Firewall Control and now I have some problems I never had before!
I wanted to install Dropbox but with each trial I get the error message "ERROR-3-0x800c0005" which somehow seems to be related with Windows 10 Firewall Control (Basic Edition).
When I then switch everything on "Enable all" nothing changes (the file name is "Setup/Uninstall"). I have read in the FAQ that somehow something can be changed there but the text must be written by a software engineer - I have no clue what to do.
By the way I have had the same problems with several programs.
Can anyone help me in simple words?
Thanks in advance
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Re: "Setup uninstall" is blocked

Postby SPS » Mon Aug 24, 2015 11:27 am

ERROR-3-0x800c0005 has something to do with .NET Framework 3/4. Try installing the latest version of Framework or installing C++ 2015 package.
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Re: "Setup uninstall" is blocked

Postby VistaFirewallControl » Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:16 pm

Dear Stefanie,

Could you please set TrayIcon/RightClick/Mode:EnableAll temporary.
The mode switches the firewall completely off. So if the problem remains under Mode:EnableAll the firewall is not involved into the problem.

Please do not forget to revert back to Mode:Normal eventually.

If the problem remains in Mode:Normal only it means some permissions are set incorrectly and firewall does block a required network activity.
When the firewall blocks it shows instant blocked events notifications (in the yellow bottom-right balloon, in the Events pane, and stores the events in access.log file of the firewall installation folder). The events text is pretty descriptive and shows what app/service was blocked and what zone/rules caused the blocking. Tracing the events you can find the genuine problem and reconsider the permissions.
Sometimes user applications use some Windows core network functionality, so an activity required by the applications may be issued in the name of Windows core components. So the components have to enabled in the firewall as well.

If you have difficulties with tracing the events, we could assist you. Please send us the access.log file and the file from Settings/Export for the investigations.

Thank you,
The Team
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