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Suggestion: Missing Import/Export Settings

Re: Suggestion: Missing Import/Export Settings

Postby metal450 » Thu Jan 12, 2017 7:39 pm

Ok...well, my point wasn't really that I'm doing these things "10 times a day," or that any one of these specific examples alone would necessitate having the import/export be "complete." It was simply that having the import/export not be complete seemed, well, not complete, and that for various reasons at various times had resulted in repeating the same manual configuration. Sure, there could've been workarounds for some. But hindsight is always 20/20.

For what it's worth, I figured that setting a flag & restoring the mode would be super quick to implement - a few minutes? - but restoring the various checkboxes was the more important issue of the two.

Regarding your concern of how to handle the fact that some settings are per-system & per-user, the standard way to do so this is with an import/export wizard. As an example of a really nicely implemented one you can checkout BeyondCompare - but the basic concept is that it presents explicit options for what you want included in your import or export. In this case, the list might be something like "Settings (per-user), Domains Names, Zones Repository, Applications List, Port-Forwarding," etc. Having explicit import/export in this way would eliminate any confusion, allowing it to contain exactly what's desired - plus it has the added benefit that you can import/export just certain portions of the config without affecting others. For instance, you'd be able to share/import someone else’s list of Domains (i.e. Noel’s awesome list of security/certificate servers) without affecting/replacing all your other config.

I realize this is a much larger thing to implement though, which is why for now I just suggested having the import/export be "complete," including the settings & the mode. If you were worried about confusion of system vs user settings, it could probably be shortcutted with a very simple 3-option prompt: "Would you like to export system-wide settings (zones+apps+ports), user settings (settings tab), or both?" Then a similar prompt could be shown when you import, to decide what gets overwritten. Thus, the ability is there to import/export everything, or you could omit the per-user settings if you're in a multi-user environment. Per the user's choice.
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