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Zone list Customization

The product edition for XP, 2003, 2000

Zone list Customization

Postby PietO » Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:41 am

After using registered W7FC on Windows 7, i decided to go fow W7FC registered also on WindowsXP using the scenario:

1. install free version
2. install trial full version
3. registered trial version.

Now i'm getting very regularly a "warning window" with text:

"The current zone was customized and does not exist in the Zone list. The customization will be lost. Continue Yes/No"

This without any good reason as far as i understand. E.g. after deleting all rules for one application (Microsoft active sync), computer restart and starting this application again this warning windows pops-up at the moment i would like to configure the rules for this application. This never occured on the Windows7 version.

Would it help to completely remove W7FC on XP, clean registry entries for zone's and reinstall??

Thanks further for the nice firewall.
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Re: Zone list Customization

Postby VistaFirewallControl » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:49 am

Reinstallation would help, however it’s too strong “medicine”.

Anyway that’s not a problem, just a warning.
The explanation is below.
As you could know W7FC applies zone copies to the listed applications.
So every listed application is not “linked” to the zone list (zone repository) directly.
As the result, if you do not need a zone from the repository you can easily delete the zone regardless of whether the zone is assigned to an application or not.
Optionally a zone applied to an application can be edited, the edition is independent from the zone repository as the copy is editing only.

Imagine then you have an APP.exe set with a (copy of) A-ZONE. The A-ZONE exists in the repository as well. The APP.exe’s A-ZONE copy has been edited and differs from repository’s A-ZONE.
If you are trying to apply a new zone to APP.exe W7FC compares equally named zones.
If the zones are matched (by the set of the rules), W7FC applies the zone silently.
If the zones are not matched W7FC warns "The current zone was customized….”.
The unique-to-the-APP.exe customization will be actually lost if you compete the zone applying.
The unique zone set to the APP.exe can not be recovered from the repository, the repository’s copy (of the same zone name) is different.
Nearly the same comparison is made against Settings/DefaultZone.

What to do….
Try to avoid different (by the set of the rules) zones with equal names.
So if you do want to keep the customization, rename the zone applied to application (F3 in the application list) and confirm copying the zone under new name to the “global list” repository.
If you do not want to keep the changes - just confirm overwriting, then the zones will be equal and no warning will be shown.
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